1. Alfred – Running with Crayons Ltd

This app replacesspotlightand does so in a mannerexcellent. Allows you to quickly open applications, files, search the web, manage itunes and more. The basic version is free and is an appmust-have.

Alfred - Running with Crayons Ltd

2. Reeder – Silvio Rizzi

Reeder is a RSS reader that syncs perfectly withGoogle Reader. It’ recommended to manage your feeds in a mannerefficient. The GUI is very nice.

Reeder - Silvio Rizzi

3. Growl – The Growl Project

Growl is theNotification Systemfinal for the Mac. And 'the easiest way to find out what is doing the other applications while you work on something else.

Growl - The Growl Project

4. Sparrow – Sparrow

Sparrow is agood mail client, that makessimple and elegant designits strength.

Sparrow - Sparrow

5. Miracle List – 6 Child prodigies

wunderlis allows you to create your ownto-do list and alsoshare with friends and colleagues. It also has a versionweb e per smartphone/tabletalways available to have their own lists synchronized.

Wunderlist - 6 Wunderkinder