1. M249

Ha province higher rate of fire between the support arms of the class and at the same time remains very controllable.
This combination makes the weapon more versatile and adapts to any type of game, handle the rush and noise of the fire extended coverage with bipod and charger.

Recommended accessories for aggressive play: red dot / holo, handle, silencer
Recommended accessories for defensive play: m145(3.4x), bipode, charger extended

2. Mg36

Weapon very controllable, rate of fire with medium / high. The low recoil allows you to use the bipod grip and give up even for a motion game.
He has already extended the accessory charger unlocked when you get

Recommended accessories: red dot / holo, bipode, charger extended

3. M27 IAR

Much like the previous weapon, is available for the U.S. faction is unlocked from the beginning and the end for the opposing faction

Recommended accessories: red dot / holo, handle, silencer


It’ the weapon with the time to kill best of the class. It’ But other less controllable, has recommended the bipod and a style of defensive play

Recommended accessories: M145(3.4x), bipode, charger extended

5. RPK-74M

Good weapon, stock for the Russian side and unlocked at the end for the opposite

Recommended accessories: red dot / holo, handle, charger extended