Selection of the best Games for Android Available on the Market!

Moto X Mayhem (1.49€)


Vincitore ADC2 e smash hit iPhone, Moto X Mayhem is finally here Android!Accelerate, scoured and jumps on different soils in best game of motion on the market, Moto X Mayhem!Takes advantage of the accelerometer to balance your bike, steep climb walls and jump! Have fun with the realistic physics able to simulate jumps and landings on the ground and the effects on motorcyclist. Compete to be the the world's fastest motorcycle its Moto X Mayhem. Global world you can see the scores within the application.

Flick Soccer! (0.79€)


The most fun and exciting game of free kicks its Android!Excellent ball control system that allowskicking the ball as a true professional. Only Flick  Soccer offers this level of complete control and precision. With 5 game modes,stunning graphics and intelligent keeper, Flick Soccer is truly unique.






In Shadowgun year we will 2350 the role of a bounty hunter hired by a company to perform a delicate task intergalactic, find that the professor Edgar Simon and stop him before his army of mutants become uncontrollable.


Reckless Getaway (1.52€)


In Reckless Getawaythe protagonist is a bank robber that, after each shot, finds himself having to get away from tens of police cars trying to get him to stop accidents at all costs.




Apparatus (2.07€)

Apparatus game is a brilliant and unique. Is to create mechanical structuresthrough the assembly of components to move a ball toward the goal. The individual is treated in detail and the graphics are fully 3D. It also has a free Lite version.