1. Hattrick Organizer

Excellent program manager for Hattrick written inJAVA, curate and reliable. It has many plugins. Pleasant, even the GUI. Translated into many languages.

2. Hattrick Forever

Program freeware, well-designed, full, offers many features and is easy to use. Also suitable for those who are beginners. Available in English, Turkish, Danish and Portuguese.


3. GHAM - GPL Hattrick Manager

GPL Hattrick Manager is a very efficient but a bit complex to use. Its strong point is that being written in JAVA is also available for Linux and Mac, as well as for Windows.


 4. HAM - Hattrick Assistent Manager


Great software distributed under license shareware, It offers a trial period 30 days, after which it becomes a fee. Translated into many languages.

 5. Hattrick Head-quarters


Excellent website offering the chance to manage their own team Hattrick directly from web, without having to install anything on your PC.