1. AEK-971

The very high rate of fire makes this lethal weapon in the melee.
The very controllable recoil and good accuracy make it very versatile even in the long run.
It fits perfectly for STEALTH behind the lines.

Recommended accessories: red dot / holo, silencer, handle

2. Famas

Weapon high rate of fire, perfect for close range battles on.
The iron sight base provides little visibility, must be unlocked to be able to take full advantage of other sights.

Recommended accessories: red dot / holo, handle, Laser Sight

3. m16a3 / m16a4

Available in two variants: M16A3 with automatic fire, M16A4 with bursts of fire 3.
This weapon has a very high accuracy and is ideal on medium / long distance.
It has a low recoil which allows the handle to dispense and use the’underslung rail to mount a grenade launcher or shotgun and use it more effectively.

Recommended accessories: M145(3.4x), underslung rail, heavy barrel

4. F2000

L’high rate of fire makes it an ideal short-range, but may be used optimally even on medium and long distance.
It’ the weapon with the best accuracy movement, Recommended for those who do so rush.

Recommended accessories: red dot / holo, handle, torch

5. m416

weapon very versatile, suitable for all uses.
It’ This makes it very controllable and easily exploitable at all times. It adapts to all styles of play, is very effective in the hands of an experienced player, but it is alsoRecommended for beginners.

Recommended accessories: red dot / holo, handle, silencer