1. MoMA

Founded in 1929, theMoMAis one of the most famous museumsNew York, with addition 100.000 works of modern art, the vast majority made by big names such asMatissePicassoCezanneRothkoPollockand many other. The purpose is to expose the works of art based on the most creative ideas emerged from the late nineteenth century until today. Do not miss a visit to the sculpture garden.




2. New Museum of Contemporary Art


Recently opened in the New Museum of Contemporary Art is a real treat for the eyes: a seven-story high pile of “boxes” white dalla'aria ethereal overlapping asymmetrically. The surprises are not limited to external, but still well exceeded the threshold, because the only contemporary art museum dedcato city has chosen to propose bold and innovative work in new ways.








3. Whitney Museum of American Art

Founded in the '30s, The extraordinary collection on display in this museum includes works by Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns, Jackson Pollock and Marc Rothko. Its mission is to be provocative, since its intent that begins outside with a brutalist building, or with exposed concrete, which houses a collection that explicitly prefers the avant-garde American art.






4. Guggenheim Museum

The large building with a spiral of Frank Lloyd Wright is itself a masterpiece of sculptural, and its beauty almost obscures the collection of twentieth century art housed inside. Climb the top floor of the lift servendovi and start from there visit, descending gradually along the route. The collection includes works by Guggenheim Picasso, Chagall, Pollock and Kandinsky.



5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art


It’ the most popular tourist attraction of New York and one of the largest art museums in the world with a collection that boasts two million pieces, archaeological finds of ancient civilizations to modern art. Once inside the Great Hall, grab a map and head to the ticket. It’ preferable to find exactly what you want to see and head in that direction, first that fatigue over.