in Sicily producesfine wines, among the best in Italy and appreciated throughout the world. .

In this article we propose a selection of wines by the excellent quality / price ratio, taken from the site

1. Nero d'Avola Monreale DOC


TheNero D'Avola Monreale DOC, full-bodied and sweet tannins, is the result of the traditional tree leaning and microclimate of the grapes that give a balanced maturity. Thehandpickingensures the health and integrity of the grape, maceration times with medium-long and soft pumping give the wine a bouquet which is divided between the primary fragrances and those derived from’aging in barrels.

2.Catarratto Monreale DOC

TheCatarratto Monreale DOC, of autochthonouslimited production, reared traditionally supported a sapling, gives grapes rich in sugar, extracts and aromas of fruit, after maceration and fermentation at controlled temperature, pass into the wine givingstrong personality, along with a taste and varietal.

3.Three Syrah IGT Feudi


Syrah red, full-bodied, alcoholic and tannic is made from grapesSyrahvinified macerated for a long time. The aging for several months in stainless steel vessels, gives a balance that makes thisharmonious wine and hot.

4.Cabernet Sauvignon IGT Tre Feudi


TheCabernet Sauvignoncomes from a grape of Bordeaux origin, widespread in warm temperate areas worldwide. This vine is found in the rolling hills of Alto Belice, a habitat suitable enough to express its maximum potential wine. The cultivation of the vine sapling supported, medium to long maceration at controlled temperature and application of new vinification techniques give rise to a wine of those ruby ​​red with violet highlights significant, of body, withvarietal aromasand with aslight grassy flavor. The aging, even in the bottle, greatly improves the organoleptic characteristics.

5.Merlot IGT Three Feudi


Merlot red, bodied and alcoholic, generous and rich with soft tannins from Merlot grapes vinified macerated for a long time. After fermentation, is aged in stainless steel vessels, where it reaches the balance that makes thisvelvety wine, harmonious and warm.